Digital Finance
for Rural India
Powered by AI

We are reimagining financial services for the underserved and unbanked through our technology platform

Our Building Blocks

We have brought together the digital technology infrastructure, power of artificial intelligence and a massively scalable operating model to drive financial inclusion across our country


We are building technology that transforms the customer experience of financial services through an end to end digital journey on our proprietary platform. Together with our customers, partners and financial service providers we have created accessible, affordable and appropriate financial products for middle India relying on the open, flexible and reliable architecture of the Davinta platform

Artificial Intelligence

We know every customer is different, why should their experience with us be same? Running at the core of our technology platform is our AI engine that uses machine learning and millions of data points to create a truly personalized experience for every customer. Starting from understanding the customer’s needs, evaluation of eligibility, recommendation of the right products and managing risk, our artificial intelligence creates a truly seamless banking experience.


Our nation has over 600,000 towns and villages. True financial inclusion is only possible when every Indian citizen will have access to high quality financial services independent of their location. Recognizing this, we have created a unique last mile network of entrepreneurs who take our digital platform to every corner of our country.

Our Purpose

Is to improve and transform the lives of underserved consumers through financial inclusion enabled by technology

Our Focus