Creating Smiles! Changing Lives!


Creating Smiles! Changing Lives!

Opportunity In Every Vicinity!

Build Your Business, Not Your Sorrows!

Loan Us Your Financial Burdens, We Loan You Solutions!

Power Your Business With Our Empowering Financial Solutions!

An Investment Option To Your Small Business Dream!

Imagine being the soil to a seed that was waiting to burst into a towering tall strong tree. Hanging off those growing branches are the sweet results of pure intention and hard work. Its roots creating ever-flowing and robust foundation in the ground while it’s towering presence offering fruits, leaves, shades and all that Mother Nature can offer, for you. 

We are Davinta Finance, a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) that specializes in being that soil to your growing dreams of being independent, financially healthy and most importantly, consistent. With our exceptional expertise in financial services and financial technologies, our main aim is to reach out to the talented but financially unprivileged. Have a business idea but are stuck with financial hurdles to take it forward? We pride in financially enabling men and women alike, encouraging stability, independence and eventually the growth of their individual endeavors. There is a growing demand in India for investments and opportunities in the MSME segment where financial support may not be readily available. Most commercial banks and financial services would shy away from offering loans to the lower segment of the pyramid owing to credit backgrounds, thereby nullifying any chances of budding businesses. We realize that strengthening this segment can prove to be beneficial to the economy, roughly contributing up to 8% GDP, thereby providing employment to a larger section of people in the industrial sector or service. 

At Davinta, we believe in keeping it simple. We work towards changing lives by being a social catalyst with our range of services. Our support extends to areas where there are opportunities for:
  • MSME Loans specifically aimed at ensuring Micro businesses get timely loans to sustain their livelihood. So whether you have a cattle business or a food stall, our customer fitting products facilitate SME lending whilst acting as a platform for debt-financing.  
  •  Income Generation Loans aimed at empowering women from a weaker sect denied by Commerical banks owing to their financial background. We extend microloans to such women to flourish their financial growth prospects and create a sustainable livelihood. Using these loans, women have ventured into a plethora of income inducing businesses making them independent on all fronts. We currently offer Weaver Loans to encourage the local weaving market, thereby increasing the Indian export economy while sustaining a unique industry.
  •  Micro Credit : Our credit-based solution provides flexibility to users as it is based on a workflow Loan. Our platform caters to various types of loans and interests, whether fixed, floating or hybrid and can be availed for an individual or group depending on need. 
  • Micro Banking : Avail banking services like Withdrawals, Fund Transfers, Balance Enquiry, etc., at convenience. 

We pride in being able to go beyond enabling and securing by even providing optimal momentum in income generation through acceleration support. We unambiguously carry this out by:
      a. Partnering with NGO’s for training.
      b. Market Connect – We offer to connect industrial manufacturers to their specific market, thus creating a mutually beneficial opportunity for both parties.

Speak to us for more information on how we can help you flourish your business dreams- no matter how small, our arms are wide open to help you.