Job Openings 

Brand Communication Manager

Job Code: #DFS- 001
Job Title: Brand Communication Manager
No of Open Positions: 1
Experience: 2+ Years
Location: Bangalore

Data Scientist

Job Code: #DFS-002
Job Title: Data Scientist
No of Open Positions: 1
Experience: 3-5 Years
Location: Bangalore

User Experience

Job Code: #DFS-003
Job Title: User Experience
Experience: 6+ Years
No of Open Positions: 1
Location: Bangalore

Staff Software Engineer

Job Code: #DFS-004
Job Title: Staff Software Engineer
No of Open Positions: 3
Experience: 6+
Location: Bangalore

Senior Software Engineer

Job Code: #DFS-005
Job Title: Senior Software Engineer 
Experience: 3+ Years
No of Open Positions: 2
Location: Bangalore